SPE Subsea Symposium

No SPE Brazil Subsea Symposium, os principais especialistas e tomadores de decisão terão a oportunidade de explorar, debater e sugerir propostas em um formato diferenciado, combinando apresentações curtas e alto nível de interação entre palestrantes e participantes.

Sobre o evento

In recent years, Brazil has seen a change in the way oil and gas fields in ultra-deep waters have been developed in the country. Gradually, international companies are becoming operators in the prolific pre-salt area. Same has been happen in mature fields with independents becoming operators in post-salt fields. Brazil is rapidly changing from the predominance of a single company to a scenario of multiple operators.

The Brazilian Subsea industry is now consolidated and has already demonstrated its ability to deliver several subsea projects simultaneously, now new projects will be developed concomitantly, but now led by different operators – each with its own technical and commercial approach. Besides that, new operators revitalizing mature fields will require several small orders, either for services and equipment, with a focus on low-cost and high-impact solutions to increase the recovery factor of their assets. It is clear that our industry will also have to show its adaptability to deliver good results not only for the big ones, but also for the small independents.

As the oil and gas industry is coming out of recession and the impacts of the energy transition are beginning to be seen, competition for resources between various simultaneous developments around the world will become one of the two most critical challenges in the next two years, forcing our industry to alter their way of working and incorporate new technologies.

At SPE Brazil Subsea Symposium, the main specialists and decision makers will have the opportunity to explore, debate and suggest proposals in a differentiated format, combining short presentations and a high level of interaction between speakers and participants.

Topics such as analyzing the existing infrastructure is sufficient to meet the known demand; the need to attract a new generation of labor force when the industry is not as “sexy” as before; the impacts of the local content policy; ESG effects; the applicability of lessons learned from other regions already familiar with the scenario of mature fields, such as the United Kingdom, GOM and Norway and, finally, the impact of research, development & innovation, new technologies and digital transformation will be widely discussed by audience with the objective of making Brazilian subsea industry successful in this new reality.

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